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At GRADIENT, we strongly believe in enabling people the flexibility, ease, and right to transform not only their everyday document-centric needs, but also their business processes with process mining, to create automated business process discovery with actionable insights, using today’s most modern technologies. GRADIENT helps enterprises smash the scan & capture barrier making a more efficient paperless office. We believe in a more social, environmentally proactive, and economically sustainable approach to people facing challenges in today’s modern and fast-paced society, by making our products advanced in functionality, simple to use, beautifully designed, and user-friendly.

We offer top of the line, award-winning Scanning and OCR enhanced document recognition, and mobility solutions to fit your every needs. The GScan line of products transform and innovate your competitive edge, increase productivity, and growth of your business, whilst reducing operating expenses. With minit, you’ll be able to analyze and visualize your business processes, understanding them in a new way, spotting symptoms of inefficiencies and immediately begin to optimize to accelerate process improvements.

We strive to educate and inspire people to make the most of what solid solutions are out there to enable them to reach their peak potentials, gain a competitive edge and further grow their business. GRADIENT provides its customers a full extension in their already sound investments through the Microsoft Ecosystem and more. See our products and solution for complete details.

Microsoft Partner Business-Critical SharePoint Partner

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