Corporate Responsibility

GRADIENT supports the communities where it operates through a variety of programs including charity giving, sponsorship, mentoring and support of research initiatives.  We believe in well rounded individuals and a complete society so we support individuals and organizations active not only in technology, but in culture and sports as well.  We choose beneficiaries carefully, but our criteria are simple: we support individuals and organizations with a passion for what they do, with the desire to improve their community, foster international goodwill, and that represent GRADIENT's values of peak performance, innovation, fairness in competition, and passion for our work.

Slovak University of Technology


A leading center for education and research in electrical engineering and computing in the Slovak Republic, the Slovak University of Technology (STU) is responsible for producing Slovakia's brightest engineers and a growing number of patents.  Most recently, STU attained ECTS accreditation from the EU indicating that the university meets the EU's stringest standards for quality in education and research.  GRADIENT has an excellent working partnership with the University and engages with professors and students alike in support research projects, as well as providing employment after graduation.

Olympian Pavol Hurajt


Pavol is a Slovak biathelete who has competed in two olympics and won a bronze medal in the mass start in Vancouver 2010. GRADIENT is proud to sponsor Pavol for his passion and achievements, which we value in our own corporate culture. We eager anticipate his achievements in Soci 2014 just as we look forward to our own.


tl_files/Gradient/Img/img_4385.jpgFounded in 1992, the AMADEUS choir has delighted European audiences for just a little bit longer than GRADIENT has assisted customers capture documents more effectively.  The choir supports the dreams of talented, young musicians, holds concerts throughout Europe, and is well known for the calibre of its performance as well as its period attire.  We see in AMADEUS singers the same love of performance that we share at GRADIENT, which makes us particularly proud to be a sponsor.

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