GRADIENT and minit at the BPM Open House 2016

22. 09. 2016


Gradient showcased its state of the art process mining solution minit at BPM Open House 2016 - the biggest online digi-series exploring advanced software solutions for Business Process Management. In an hour-long session, featuring as a special guest speaker David Slansky from the KPMG Business Intelligence and Data & Analytics team, GRADIENT’S own CEO Rasto Hlavac, explained why KPMG chose award-winning process mining solution minit and how it was utilized to bring clarity into key business process for a large financial institution. The session also showcased how automated business process mapping and visualization can be utilized before starting a BPM project. And how process mining tools can be used to preform continuous process monitoring, process compliance checking, process auditing and process improvement in any existing BPM solution.

The session recording is available to watch for free at the

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