Gradient at Solver’s ultimate BI360 Event

25. 08. 2016

John Laloussis, Channel Manager at BI360 FocusJohn Laloussis, Channel Manager at BI360 Focus

Solver Global hosted its annual Focus customer and partner conference from August 22 – 25 and GRADIENT could not miss it. The session where GRADIENT introduced process mining software - minit was one of the main highlights of the second day of the conference focused on Solver partners. Solver asked GRADIENT to share how BI360 Solution can be enhanced with automated analysis and visualization of business processes; and how that integration can help partners grow their BI360 business. Solver Partners were most interested to learn how to increase the value of the BI360 platform for their customers by providing process improvements, reduction of costs and faster, more efficient processes. As part of the session GRADIENT also presented a real-life demonstration how to uncover actionable insights into customers’ business processes and identify bottlenecks and optimizations points.

Process mining and minit captured the attention of Solver’s BI360 Partners and we have already saved the date for the BI3602 Focus 2017.

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