GRADIENT Awarded Best Mobile Solution at European SharePoint Conference

19. 11. 2015

GRADIENT has been long known and recognized for their ability to provide flexibility, ease, and the right to transform your everyday document-centric needs for SharePoint On-Premise and Office 365.


GRADIENT helps enterprises smash the scan & capture barrier making a more efficient paperless office. We believe in a more social, environmentally proactive, and economically sustainable approach to people facing challenges in today’s modern and fast-paced society, by making our products advanced in functionality, simple to use, beautifully designed, and user-friendly.

It sure proves to be true, winning for the second year in a row the Best Mobile Solution at the European SharePoint Conference (ESPC) awards reception, held this year, at the iconic City Hall in Stockholm, Sweden on November 11, 2015. The award is prestige in many ways. The ESPC is the largest SharePoint conference in all of Europe, and second in the world. GRADIENT was chosen by a panel of independent judges who remain anonymous, and also a supportive community vote online, double downing for a challenging win. GScan Online and GScan Mobile’s innovation and impactful presence that extends both SharePoint On-Premise and Office 365 capabilities was selected and voted for having the Best Mobile Solution.

It is both an honor and a privilege to have won again, and we thank you all for your constant support. We couldn’t have done it without you,“ shared GRADIENT CEO, Rastislav Hlavac.
No matter the size, small/medium businesses along with Enterprises, they are all finding new an innovative ways to increase productivity in their offices for a more eco-friendly environment, with less paper all the while seeing the capabilties that are out there for the fastest-growing productivity platform, Office 365. It’s an absolute pleasure to contribute to the community and to all those worldwide, in enhancing and extending the usages of Office 365 futher, and the feedback is certainly positive with a glowing response.“

This year’s venue for the ESPCtl_files/Gradient/ImgCont/News/FullSizeRender.jpg awards ceremony was held in a very memorable building, on a very memorable day, City Hall in the heart of downtown Stockholm, Sweden. With a reception held in the Golden Hall, a room so vast in wall-to-wall golden storytelling, filled with miniscule tiles that intricitly painted the way of hundreds of years and generations faced in Sweden; and where Nobel Laureates and Royalty gather each year as a symbolic tradition where decisions in politics and the country’s progression, takes place.

ESPC 2015 Winner

The iconic Blue Hall, which isn’t quite yet so blue, as Östberg constantly reworked his plans, resulting in the addition of the lantern on top of the tower, and the abandonment of the blue glazed tiles for the Blue Hall. GRADIENT among many other professionals were selected in the very room where the Nobel Prize banquet takes place, and the aura was definitely felt.

For GRADIENT, the ESPC award follows an announcement this week that the award-winning GScan Mobile app will be available on all three mass platforms by the end of this year. A strong suite and product line, GScan, GScan Online, and GScan Mobile have grown to be. GRADIENT is still the only Microsoft Partner to have fully enabled scanning to directly take place within SharePoint On-Prem and Office 365, from virtually any device. Making the GScan line of products true to the award-winning title – the Best Mobile Solution.

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