GScan Mobile for iOS

14. 01. 2016


Your favourite Document Capture app for mobile smartphones is here! Now available in iOS, we've got you all covered. Enjoy the app with many functions, features, and all around ease of use. Simplicity is key, and while it serves to enhance images in its' use of IQ2 Image Processing Technology, also enabling documents to be saved 100X the original file (saving on your data bill), it can be used for all your documentic-centric needs!
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Whether you've got traveling expenses, and don't want to lose or haul back all those invoices/reciepts and in essense, paper weight, simply taking a photo with the app, using any ehancement features you'd like, you're able to export out to a variety of different well-known storage outlets. Diversify your channels, export to Drobox, iCloud Drive, and even SharePoint. Yes, directly within SharePoint, without having to manually configure you document folders/libraries et al. Simply get our Native SharePoint App - GScan Online, and you'll connect with the link that harmonizes both usages of the apps, work at your desktop, work on your tablet, and even on the GO with your smartphone.

Diversifying your usages! Students also, are more than welcome to use the app, forget note-taking, just snap n' go, email yourself your notes in a handy PDF, print and start studying!

Diversity to Malleability tl_files/Gradient/ImgCont/News/ios7_sdk_icon-300x201.jpg
Having all these functions and features available on a multitude of platforms, operating systems, and devices are crucial to GRADIENT in making the most available to you. However, we've broaden your uses and have made it far more applyable to your systems. SDKs provide the malleability you need, to shape your softwares with the most easy to use but robust APIs making it simple for you to expand on your ideas.

Contact us today, for a full list of SDKs supported, and get your projects rolling.

Download your copy today, for iPhone and iPad in the iTunes store and diversify your mobile document capture, and synergize your SharePoint with you, wherever you go.

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