GRADIENT products serve a wide range of industries' needs in process mining for automated business process discovery for the ultimate transparency within your organization to document capture, from acquisition and scanning to OCR conversion, recognition and indexing. Our flagship, GScan and Capture Suite solutions are robust, enterprise CMS ready document capture solutions. Specific verticals such as, education and finance benefit from tailor made products like Test Elements and ID Capture. GScan Online provides users of any size easy, rapid, and powerful document capture within Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint.


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MINIT tl_files/Gradient/ImgCont/gscanonline.png 

You’ll be able to extract all valuable data from log files such as, LOB information systems, ERPs, CRM, Call Centers, and more to discover what processes take place within your business; their reaction times, and delegated cooperation within your organization. Get AS-IS process views and begin your process to optimize.

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It's never been easier to get your documents into SharePoint Office 365! Easily acquire, OCR convert and store information from a variety of sources. Take advantage of flexible on-demand licensing.

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tl_files/Gradient/ImgCont/GScan_logo2_cmyk.png GSCAN MOBILE 

A simple, yet powerful and feature-rich scanning application that scales up from just a few documents to massive high-volume document batches.

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The first ever Windows Phone 8 App allowing Enterprise Document Capture to be fully integrated with SharePoint Office 365, available on Android and iOS.

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Because Šatan is not Satan in any language, when it comes to identifying individuals. ID Capture helps organizations transact securely with instant extraction of ID Cards or Document Data.

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