GScan Online

FLEXIBLE DOCUMENT CAPTURE | Scan to SharePoint Office 365

GSCAN It's never been easier to get your documents into SharePoint Office 365! With this Native SharePoint App, you can directly scan in SharePoint Office 365, whether you need to scan large batches of mixed document types, or acquire documents from a multifunction printer, mobile, storage, or other sources, GScan Online provides flexible document sourcing. Superior imaging improves document quality, and the click-to-index OCR speeds up indexing.

Are you ready for your document management to take flight?

GScan Online

SharePoint Office 365 Integration

GScan Online integrates seamlessly, which makes scanning fast and easy: you initiate scans (Scan in SharePoint Office 365) from within Office 365. Built-in imaging and OCR functionality allows easy scanning, indexing and delivery into document libraries. Avoid the hassles of third-party apps and save time with GScan Online.

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