InvoiceCapture is the system for scanning, automatic recognition, electronic archiving, and approving supplier invoices.

The unique aspect of this solution is the use of state-of-the-art technologies for data extracting from invoices (a substitute for manual typing), maximum possible integration with the SAP – all of that based on the Microsoft technologies.


Main features of the solution:

  • distributed scanning of supplier invoices in the central office and branches of the company by the GScan system;
  • automated recognition of data from invoices such as the invoice number, total amount, due date, date of taxable fulfilment, supplier´s account number, order number, etc. using the state-of-the-art recognition technologies OCR/ICR for semi-/non-structured documents;
  • data correction and verification by means of control databases and numerical codes of the economic system SAP;
  • export of data and invoices scanned to the system for electronic document management GArchive;
  • data synchronisation between the systems GArchive and SAP;
  • electronic approval of invoices using the workflow system K2 blackpearl.


The solution provided with the added value and comparative benefit on the market thanks to:

  • the invoices circulation automatization from scanning, recognition and storing in the electronic archive, up to their approval in the workflow system;
  • automated data recognition from invoices; the invoices do not need to be entered into the SAP which means a huge time and costs savings;
  • signification shortening of the time needed for invoices circulation during the approval process;
  • improving the approval process transparency;
  • simple monitoring of approval process;
  • minimising the risk of hardcopy documents loss.

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