LoanScan is the system for automated processing of loan documents.

This solution enables you to create a central repository of loan documentations integrated with a banking system. Incoming documents are scanned on branches, indexed, and stored in GArchive, the system for electronic document management. Bank staff can access documents via GArchive user interfaces or via the banking system.

The solution consist of the following components:

  • Scanning and indexing system GScan installed on all branches
  • The system GRADIENT Capture Suite providing transfer of scanned documents from branches to headquarters and monitoring the entire process
  • GArchive system that serves as a repository of documents accessible from the banking system


Main features of the solution:

  • Distributed scanning of client documentation at the headquarters and on bank branches by scanning system GScan
  • Transfer of electronic images of scanned documents and their metadata into the central servers
  • Export of scanned documents and their metadata into the system for electronic document management GArchive
  • Automatic generation of hierarchical client folders containing loan cases and contracts based on metadata of scanned documents
  • Integration with banking system enabling to view documents stored in the system GArchive and to store documents generated in the banking system to GArchive

Main benefits:

  • Building a central repository of loan documentation
  • Immediate availability of client documents across the organization
  • Faster processing of loan cases
  • Higher flexibility in the communication with the customer
  • Reduction of the risk of loss or misuse of paper documents by converting them into digital form
  • Building a system that will be easy to extend to other types of documents

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