PayScan is the system for automatic processing of payment orders.

The effectiveness of administrative processes is the route to decreasing costs and thus increasing competitiveness and profitability. One of the key activities in banking institutions are the areas of processing payment orders. Banks can make this procedure more effective by implementing high-tech information technologies, on the basis of automatic form processing.

For this, it makes use of top-quality OCR/ICR technologies for character recognition plus a system for electronic management and archiving of documents.


Main features of the solution:

  • distributed scanning of payment orders on branches by means of the GScan scanning and indexing system,
  • import of electronic images of scanned payment orders to head office through existing network,
  • recognition of handwritten characters from payment orders through the powerful OCR/ICR recognition technologies,
  • data correction and verification by means of checking procedures used in banking environments to ensure data accuracy before its entry in BIS,
  • data export to BIS and electronic images of payment orders to the document management system GArchive.


  • Significant speeding-up of entry of form data through the replacement of manual typing by automatic processing,
  • Savings on human resources – reduce dramatically the number of operators to only 1/5 compared to the old system,
  • Removes load on bank retail workplace in processing of payment orders, and thus leaves employees free for other activities like product sales or services,
  • Enables speedier settlement of claims,
  • Hardware and software implemented can be used in the future for automated processing of other types of forms and documents,
  • Fast return of investment.

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